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December 5, 2013
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Marvel: Sheridan Clark / Silverbeam Ref by RainingPinkSnowballs Marvel: Sheridan Clark / Silverbeam Ref by RainingPinkSnowballs
EDIT 2: Got some help from a friend to give more depth to her backstory behind the whole "prophecy" thing mentioned in the "other info". Its quite interesting. :3
EDIT: Edited the backstory in hopes to fill in a few plotholes  and maybe help it make more sense???

So I made another version of my self-insert OC, this is only because of this RP that me and a friend from school started together. XD She ships me with three (Yeah you heard me, three) of the Avengers, all of which I fangirl over to no end and just. ;w;

 Sheridan Clark 
Alias: Silverbeam (Later becomes "Amis")
Age: 26
Birthday: February 13th (Aquarius)
Species?: 50% Human 50% Ghost
Ethnicity: 25% Italian, 25% British, 50% Russian
Nationality: American
Birthplace: California (Also her current residence)
Orientation: Straight
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Librarian/Author, Aspiring cartoonist.
She's a demon slayer and an expert on the paranormal.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125 lbs
She is considered slim but with a petite hourglass shape. She has very fair skin which is covered in freckles, and she sports two Grey-Blue eyes and freakishly long brown hair with blonde streaks dyed into the sides. In her ghost form, her eyes turn Silver and her streaks turn Magenta, which is why she often wears a hood when in ghost form; anyone with half a brain cell could figure out who she really was or recognize her, even with a different eye color or streak color.

Her normal (signature) outfit consists of a button-up pink plaid blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, light blue boot-cut jeans, and black boots with a slight heel, and a buckled strap going across the toes. She also wears a gold and Diamond cross necklace (which her father gave her at a very young age) underneath her shirt, and wears two diamond earrings.

Family: Alick Clark (Father, deceased) Stephanie Clark (Mother), Alicia Clark (Younger Sister), Shawn Clark (Clone, technically her son, 9 years old)
Love Interest:
- Thor Odinson
- Tikira Kyrinn (Sidekick/best friend) (Ref: )
- Jennifer "Jenna" Blare (Co-Worker/best friend)
- Bruce Banner (Close friend)
- Steve Rogers
- Tony Stark
- Natasha Romanoff
- Clint Barton
- Nick Fury
- Alfred Douglas (Archenemy, the man that ran the project that made her into what she is, possibly a bit loopy in the head, may still be attempting to make clones and is still experimenting with ectoplasm)
- Nathan Green "Weaver" (Enemy, Another person whom was injected with ectoplasm like herself because of the same project but had attained different effects [including making him go insane], currently in a psychopathic ward, Powers include telekinesis, telepathy, and entering/manipulating dreams/nightmares)
- Caspian (Ex-Boyfriend, Demon)
- Winnabell Kyrinn "Azrael" (Enemy, Tikira's sister, witch turned demon)
- The Council of the Dead (Enemies)

Sheri is the kind of girl who is outgoing when around the right people, but other times can be very shy and socially awkward. She is very kind-hearted, and sweet, though she is very introverted and quiet, and tends to savor her free time by herself. While she has her issues, she really does have a heart of gold and doesnt mean to truely harm anybody, and she is a very charming young woman.
She is compassionate about those around her, and is always there for them if they need her, even if they just need a listening ear. She is extremely artistic and creative, and she loves to draw. She is also very intelligent, focused, and smart (though it seems to feel like nothing compared to those around her sometimes), and she sometimes tends to daydream and be off in her own little world.
She views the world through understanding eyes, in a way that is much different the most other people do, and she sometimes wishes that other people could see things the way she does. 
She is a Christian girl who just tries to do right by how her parents raised her and is respectful of others and is polite. She is proud of who she is as a person, no matter how awkward or eccentric she is. She's free-spirited and doesnt really seem to care what people think of her.
She tends to be a mother figure to Tikira as she often has to keep an eye on her to keep her out of trouble, but still loves her regardless of the fact that the little cat can tend to drive her absolutely crazy.

Quirks and Flaws: 
She is easily frightened, and is incredibly sensitive, and tends to take things personally at times unless directly told otherwise. She is considered to be a combination of a geek and a complete and total dork, and she is very quirky and eccentric, if not even a bit silly, which tends to make people deem her as "strange" at times. But rather than being embarrassed by this, she is proud of it, and people even seem to find it charming.
She has a mild form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome, so she tends to be easily intimidated by social interaction (among some other symptoms such as being a bit clumsy, disliking for changes in routine, heightened sensitivity to sound, taste, and feel, an inability to recognize subtle forms of sarcasm or change in pitch, and can sometimes take things the wrong way, just to name a few examples), which is also paired with a bad form of anxiety that she takes medication for. She has learned to handle some of her autistic tendencies by now, but others are still there. She can tend to get overwhelmed very easily, and will have an anxiety attack if she goes off her meds, and can have trouble controlling her temper sometimes. 

She loves drawing, reading, writing, singing, and going online. She is very skilled with weapons and martial arts.
She is a total nerd and thus likes things like cartoons, anime, manga, comics, etc., and likes playing some kinds of video games (Like pokemon). Lastly, she enjoys dancing to an extent, as in she isnt a bad dancer, but is shy about dancing around other people.
She is an expert when it comes to the paranormal, multidimensional portals, Christian demonology, spirituality, and things that could be deemed as "magic", etc...
She slays demons and has performed multiple exorcisms and cleansings during her time, and also takes on the responsibility of leading Spirits to the spirit realm where they can find their way.

snakes and bugs. Horror, torture, and gore films. 
She is scared of horses due to getting bucked off of one when she was a little kid.
She also doesnt like getting dirty, which just thus pushes the "girly girl" reputation.
She is also horribly creeped out by dolls and mannequins and things of the sort.

Cartoons, Anime, and Manga, art, and anything that has to do with mythical creatures, mythology, or the paranormal.
She also likes looking at pretty and sparkly things and cute or cool-looking clothes.
Love/romance, and the idea of love in general. 
She thinks hip hop dancing is very cool to watch.
Animals, especially cats.

Math. Sports aside from martial arts. She doesnt like certain forms of immaturity, and doesnt like ignorance in people.
Needles. Sudden/loud noises, overwhelmingly loud/active areas, and doesnt like being in huge crowds.

- Flight
- Invisibility
- Intangibility
- Ectoplasm Shields (3 types)
- Ectoplasm Manipulation (Which includes the ability to create weapons and objects with the ectoplasm, and she can channel it and use it in different ways)
- She can talk to the dead and sense when a spirit/demon is near by an intense ringing that blasts in her ears for a few seconds (which sometimes tends to cause headaches)
- Superhuman Strength and Durability
- Superhuman reflexes and Agility
- Superhuman Hearing

- She heals much faster, practically by supernatural standards, than any human being because of the ectoplasm in her body. (The healing process can take seconds, minutes, or hours depending on how bad the injury is.)

- She has the ability to transform from one form to another: A tight, ribbon-like glow consumes her from her feet and fingertips up to the edges of her hair, transforming her from one form to the other. This is actually a quick transformation that only takes a few seconds.

- Her signature weapon is A spear resembling a cross that she creates from her ectoplasm. (Pictured here: ) As the name suggests, it is a long staff with a cross at the end of it rather than a spearhead. She uses this to slay demons. Sometimes she is also seen with other kinds of weapons (An Axe at about the same size as the spear, a katana, a throwing chain, etc) but her signature weapon has always been the spear.

She comes from a family with a rich history of being artistic and hard working. 
She grew up as a rich kid, both her and her sister favored by their father and was a tad spoiled growing up. She was living in a large house when she was young, and her family was very wealthy at the time. But when her parents got divorced, she and her sister stayed with their father in his house only on the weekends. And when her father died when she was 11, she and her family took on a more average way of living. But one thing never changed; the barn, the horses, and the pets. These were animals she was very used to having around.
Their older siblings from her father's last marriage fought over the estate for years even though they rarely ever even visited the place, nor did they even grow up in the house. This always brought her anger and hatred towards her older siblings, even when the ordeal finally passed.

Her father was a renowned missionary (whom also owned a paint shop on the side) and her mother was a stay at home mom when she was little, but when her parents divorced her mom became a dog groomer, and then switched that out to become a real estate agent.

She was bullied horribly during elementary and middle school due to odd behaviors that resulted from her autism. (Boys would come up behind her and scream in her ear to make her upset, girls would pick on her for supposedly having no friends, and a few people even played keep-away with her notebook on more than one occasion).
She was an honors student all through her childhood. She got straight A's all the way up until High school where the material began to get much more overwhelming, but with the support of her family and help from her case carrier, she managed as best as she could, and managed to cope better with the work. The lowest grade she had ever gotten was a D in P.E. 
She was always drawing or reading at recess rather than playing with other kids, and her autism was worse when she was a little kid, but leveled out some by the time she got into high school. 

At ten years old, she and her uncle went to the store to get art supplies when they got into a crash with a drunk driver. Her uncle didnt make it, and Sheridan was in critical condition.
In the hospital, Sheridan could only remember vague images of her family's visits...and vague memories of other visits which more much more painful.
One day she remembered waking up to see her doctor, and a bunch of guys that wore black suits like they were part of the government or something. They seemed to talk to the doctor before looking at her, noticing her awaken.
They talked gentle, when they talked to her at all. As if to ease her nerves as they stuck the needle in her arm. 
They must have drugged her because she couldnt scream or thrash. Or maybe she was just too exhausted to...
But the needle hurt like hell and tears didnt fail to fall down her face.

They called it "Medicine" but she wasnt stupid, of they had to have a bunch of government guys put something in her it couldnt have just been "medicine". What she didnt know at the time was that it was actually ectoplasm.
Only once did those guys come back. It was several hours later.
All he did was take some of her blood through a syringe and leave again.

The weird thing was that they only came when her mother wasnt there, or any of her family for that matter. So they must've never told them anything.

The remembered waking up many many hours later to see the nurse smiling at her and then saying that she was gonna be able to be taken home within the next hour. Which really struck Sheri as odd because she could remember being pretty banged up. But she said nothing about it. She only smiled and nodded.

She later went home and found out a few days later that she had gotten some weird kind of powers because of what had happened after accidentally phasing through her desk in school.
Man that was humiliating...
She soon put the puzzle pieces together and came to the conclusion that whatever those people put in her, gave her otherworldly powers and abilities, and soon began practicing with her powers, as well as using them with her martial arts skills.
This went on like an obsession for four years straight while she homeschooled in middle school. And she mastered her skills by the time she got into high school.
To this day she still has no idea who those men were or why they did this to her.

When she was about 12, she Met Tikira when she was severely injured in battle against this demon, whom was sent after her soul by a demon witch named Azrael. When Tiki Rescued her, Sheri took her in and they were best friends ever since.

All through her years in school, she was always a very smart kid. Her vocabulary was always far ahead of her age group, she typed differently then she spoke, and was always very mature for her age. For this she was often picked on or thought of as weird. She only had a small group of friends growing up, but frankly this was something she was fine with.

As she grew up, Tikira told her about the middle ground between heaven and hell that she had found earlier on with her sister, which was basically where spirits tended to roam back and forth between earth.
Tikira told her about some people there who could help her with her abilities, and the person she referred to was also an amazing martial artist who could teach Sheri everything she needed to know on using her powers.

Tiki led her to him totally not needing ask random people or anything because this was a subject that she did VERY little research on since she wasnt born a witch like her sister and Sheridan trained under him all through middle school and high school. By the time she finished college she was a master at fighting and was great with weapons.
Unfortunately, Tikira couldnt train with her due to her recklessness. So it resulted in Sheridan being able to do things that Tikira couldnt, which sometimes left her feeling a bit left out. So Sheri taught her little friend a few things over the years in order to bond with her.

How she got involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. had to do with a spark of creature attacks that began happening. The sightings and attacks were increasing (rather slowly, but still in a significant pattern), and they were proving hard to defeat by any kind of gun or cannon.
These were creatures that Sheridan fought years prior, as the first creature of the kind that came to earth was the creature that attacked her when she met Tikira. 

She and Tikira saved a group of agents from getting killed by a herd of these creatures. The up side to being a Christian was that one would know immediately what demons could and could not stand up against. Luckily the creatures were already weakened enough by the agents that their skin was easier to pierce than tissue least as far as Sheridan could tell...for her strength was greater than any human and she was well aware of it by now. 
When it was recommended that she help inform SHIELD of what was going on, she agreed without question and was taken to see Nick Fury about the matter. She politely informed him of the situation and of what origins these demons were actually coming, as crazy as it sounded, and was told to keep in touch afterwards. Which she did and she soon got more and more comfortable with contacting, or getting contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D.

She and Tikira were experts when it came to crap like this, "magical" portals, demons, creatures, paranormal stuff of the sort, as they had learned far too much in their own experiences to not have knowledge of the subject.

Now, her association with S.H.I.E.L.D. has not changed too much from when she had first encountered them. Her relation to it mainly consists of fighting off demons and evil spirits that happen to cause havoc when they need her (though that doesnt necessarily stop her from doing so), and she happens to go there for things like dropping off any samples she may get her hands on, giving or getting any information that she can deem useful, etc. Technically she's a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent...but in ordinary everyday life she'd still much rather prefer to be working at the library where she feels most comfortable.

She still isnt quite sure what she has become or what her purpose is at this point, but until she finds out for sure, she has higher priorities to worry about.

Other info:
- Her fav Colors are Pink and Black.
- She doesnt really have a favorite type of music. It really depends on the song or artist rather than the genre.
- For an actual career, she works at a library near her house, and has written two illustrated fantasy novels that no one knows about, and is currently working on a portfolio for an animation studio.
- One of her many nicknames is "Snow White" due to her very fair skin caused by vitiligo. 
- She is also shipped with Steve and Tony in AU scenarios.
- She has a Teddy Bear named Blue that she's had since she was a little kid, which she keeps on a shelf above her desk.
- She had spent several years practicing martial arts up until she was 12, so she had already gotten a sense of how to fight by the time she had begun training with spirits in the spirit realm. By now she could be considered to be a black belt.
- Drawing and listening to music is a way of coping as well as a devoted hobby. 
- She has said multiple times before that being partners with Tikira sometimes feels like raising a kid, as she often has to act like Tiki's mother figure in order to keep her out of trouble. But truthfully, she wouldnt change Tikira out for anyone else.
- She doesnt have her father in the picture. After her parents got a divorce, he got very sick and died in the hospital when she was around 11. So for the bulk of her teenage years she had no father figure to turn to, and frankly this still hurts her sometimes.
- Truthfully, she never actually wanted to be a superhero when she got her powers (if she even wanted her powers). It was not an automatic interest, nor was it even a priority until a year or two after she actually began doing it. At first, it was just her trying to do right by her powers and use them properly. It wasnt until she partnered up with Tikira that it ever became an important factor in her life.
- When as Silverbeam, she tends to pull up her hood when she's embarrassed, shy, or upset. 
- She tends to pick at her fingers and chew on her lips often due to anxiety, and she tends to get angry and start crying and yelling and stuttering when she's having an anxiety attack.
- Sometimes when she finds a lost spirit roaming the earth, she takes it upon herself to play "Reaper" and try to help these lost spirits find their way to their rightful resting places, to their home. Unfortunately, this can only go so far as she can only go as far as the Spirit realm (no access to heaven or hell as she is still technically living). But in her endeavors, she hopes that she perhaps have helped these spirits find closure with her help.

- She had been taken to be a legendary Dis (Nordic version of a reaper) named Amis by Thor on more than one occasion because of her abilities that apparently match some kind of prophecy, in which she never knows how to respond. Apparently this Amis is a prophesied Dis that is supposed to save Asgard from complete destruction due to monsters according to old stories that Frigga used to tell Thor and Loki about as children, but Amis still has yet to be seen or heard from, and is apparently the only truly legendary/recognized Dis on Asgard despite being completely absent. While flattered, this is something that just further pushes her current conflict concerning her identity, and what she is. (See separated text below)
- Eventually, her alias "Silverbeam" is replaced by "Amis" as she accepts her new identity as the legendary Dis in Asgardian culture.
- Sometimes when she thinks about her powers and their effect on her life, it makes her tend to question her own identity, and her own mortality. As she has come close to death many times before, but her healing abilities had come through for her.
She struggles not knowing exactly what she is and what's gonna become of her. And it tends to upset her due to the frustration of not knowing. In any case...she wouldnt be able to find out until much later in life, as only Angels and Demons can open up portals to Heaven or Hell, ordinary spirits dont possess that ability. And the more she thinks about this, more and questions come up that she's not sure she can answer, which only makes what she's going through even more overwhelming.

Marvel Avengers © Martin Goodman
Sheridan/Silverbeam & Tikira © ME
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XxMoonlight-1-WishxX Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I too am a Marvel fan as well and I must say....  Loving this Marvel look for Sheri:D

I was even attempted to make a Marvel persona, but I'm still trying to come up with her powers and proper bio.
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014   Traditional Artist
WOO! :3 Marvel fans ftw!
Eeeee *turtles* Yay thank you so much nyeh... ;w;

It is pretty hard to come up with stuff like that on the spot. Dont worry, eventually something in your brain is just gonna tick and then you'll make it into something amazing. XDD
XxMoonlight-1-WishxX Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes always!!!  I've always been a fan ever since I was little.  Though I do Blake spider-man and Xmen for it, the avengers seem to bring me even closer to it.:XD:
No problem hun:)

Yes very hard....  Especially when there's so many characters out their with different powers, just gives originality so much time to think.  Hmmm hopefully I'll come up with something.
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014   Traditional Artist
Hehe I actually grew up with DC (Justice league nyeh ;w;) and then got started with Avengers over the last couple of years when it came to Marvel. I just fell in love with Marvel and kinda deemed it slightly superior to DC in some areas. XD

OMG yes this is true. When I found out I could use my halfa self-insert and use it so perfectly and effectively in the MARVEL universe (with a lot of tweaking of course but not too much) I literally started squealing. I was so damn happy that I wouldnt have to make a new OC to keep track of. XD
Dont worry it'll come up. Probably when you literally expect it the least. Just try not to focus too much on it. ^^
XxMoonlight-1-WishxX Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Same here, the justice league was amazingXD. Well I basically grew up with both Marvel and DC... So I pretty much always had fascism toons for this stuff.  Very true, though I would love to see DC bring out some unknown heroes to give them more love.

Lol you mean that DP charrie?  I too can see her fitting for the Marvel universe.  Ok, I also thought if she had an older brother...  He most likely would affiliate more in the DC universe.  I always wanted to see a crossover of marvel and DC some day...:)
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014   Traditional Artist
Right?! That show was like the majority of my childhood. XDD
OMG Yeah that would be so awesome. *w*

Yeah, you see my self-insert thing started with the DP-verse and then slowly gravitated to other fandoms once I got onto DA. But Danny phantom has kinda taken a huge backseat to other fandoms, like MARVEL for example, just because my interests expanded to other things. I havent made any DP art in a long time. ^^;
Hehehe...actually, since she's basically me, she actually has three older brothers. XDD Of whom were already grown and out of the house by the time she was five but still.

OMG yes a MARVEL and DC crossover would just make my life. ;w;
XxMoonlight-1-WishxX Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Same here, but I sadly never finished it because I got banned from CN at one point....^^;  but at least I still have on Netflix to finish the series.^^

Haha I can relate to that with my Sonic art....  But for me, I stopped drawing it at the moment because I just fucking hate the fanbase to death.  Hell like....  So many bad memories in it due to rabid fangirls, obsessive yaoi fantards that bash female characters or attach those who aren't into yaoi, dealing with certain very fanbratty Sonic artists that their watchers become their mindless sheep, and.....  The shipping wars.....DX. I even had unhealthy obsessions with that fandom that I just....  Well bad memories you can say.  Plus it got really boring drawing Sonic art all the time and I wanted to try other things.  Like right now, I migrated to the WoY and TMNT fanbase since those are honestly more sane than other ones I've been in.  I'm looking forward to do some marvel stuff as well along with my favorite anime series called Fullmetal Alchemist.  So until then, I'm taking a hiatus from Sonic art until the new Sonic Boom series come out.^^;

Oh that's pretty cool, I never made a self insert before besides my mlp oc and my fursona.  I guess it's because I usually like to make OCs and let them have lives of their own.

Yuuuuuus!!!!!  Man that would be so badass to see I tell you!;D
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014   Traditional Artist
Oh that sucks. :( The only reason why I ever managed to finish it was because the website I go to to watch my episodes literally has EVERYTHING.
I had actually forgotten that they had it on netflix. XSD

Sonic is another one of those childhood fandoms that has taken a backseat. I revamped my OC for that fandom at least four times since I first created her. ^^; I think the most recent pic I made of anything sonic related was probably...maybe in september or October?
Oh god yeah the fanbase is insane. I never really interacted with the fanbase during my sonic phases thank god...
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST omg I love that anime ngh ;w;
I'm kinda just kinda all over the place generally. Sometimes I may get a sspark of inspiration for a fandom and then I'll draw the pic and then quickly go back to the other thing.

I've just got too many OC's already so having Self-inserts kinda helps keep things somewhat sane. ^^;
Plus shipping myself with characters is more fun sometimes, like when you have an actual legitimate personal crush on a fictional character its more satisfying than making another OC. Its complicated. I'm complicated. Sorry. XD

omg yesss ;w;
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