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AD: Anime Geek Next Door by RainingPinkSnowballs AD: Anime Geek Next Door by RainingPinkSnowballs
There are no words that I can use to express how sorry I am.

Name: Sheridan Irene Clark
Age: 15 - 16 (Pictured above, varies)
DOB: February 13 (Aquarius)
Ethnicity: 25% Italian, 25% British, 50% Russian
Orientation: Straight

Family: Alick Clark (Father, Deceased), Stephanie Clark (Mother), Alicia Clark (little sister)

Sheridan is the kind of girl that you'd want your son to bring home. Sheridan is a girly girl who dresses similar to a tomboy. She's kind-hearted, sweet, polite, gentle, and has a heart of gold. While she can be shy at first, when she gets with the right group of people she becomes very funny and outgoing. Sheridan is extremely eccentric, quirky, artistic, and creative, and loves to show people her work. She is an introvert and savors her alone time by herself, and thus she is often that one girl sitting alone drawing rather than interacting with others, though just because she's drawing doesnt mean she's not paying attention or that she's trying to be rude, and makes sure to tell people about this tendency in advance.

Sheridan is a mild aspie, she's about on the verge of being normal, but still has many issues to work out, which includes dealing with an anxiety disorder that makes her have occasional anxiety attacks. Due to being an aspie, she can tend to sometimes take things personally or take things the wrong way, she may use a different tone then she really means to use without knowing it (which can make her come off as rude or blunt at times), she can tend to be socially awkward or socially anxious, she can tend to have this odd expression on her face that makes her look sad when she isnt, and several other subtle behavioral abnormalities.
Unfortunately, she is also easily grossed out and has a weak stomach, and is also an extremely picky eater, though luckilly she tries to be polite about it.

She scares easily, she is very easily frustrated and is very easily overwhelmed, and she is resistant to changes in routine, and she also has trouble controlling her temper at times when she is suffering through anxiety. She's more mature than people her age in some areas but behind in maturity in others. Like she isnt judgmental of other people and is open-minded and considerate, but she still tends to cling to her mother and is slow to become independent, but she's learning and is trying to get better.

She is a Christian girl who is aware that she isnt going to be able to please everyone, but regardless of this she is proud of herself as a person despite her flaws, and was well aware of her place as a geek at a VERY young age. She is fine with only having a few friends here and there, and is actually pretty happy with her place, and is proud of herself and her eccentric tendencies, and likes to think of her Aspergers syndrome as a blessing rather than a curse.

Hobbies and Talents:
She loves to draw and write and sing. She also has an internet addiction that she uses as an occasional subject for humor. (Her two favorite websites are DeviantArt and Tumblr.)
She loves to listen to music of almost all types, she listens to music depending on the artist/song rather then the genre. She loves to read and roleplay online, and she runs a couple of blogs on Tumblr.
She loves to watch cartoons and anime, she likes to read manga, and she loves to make OC's. She also loves to fangirl terribly over fictional characters, and maybe the occasional Youtube gamer.
She also likes to watch TV with her mother and enjoys spending time with friends and family, but after a certain amount of time she just needs to go back to her room and rewind, same goes for going out and having fun with buddies; too much activity can make her become quiet and withdrawn, which is a sign that she needs to regroup and maybe she should go home.
She also likes to go shopping and is a mild Directioner.

She comes from a family with a rich history of being artistic and hard working, and was born in California where she was raised for a good portion of her life. 
She grew up as a rich kid, both her and her sister favored by their father and was a tad spoiled growing up. She was living in a large house when she was young, and her family was very wealthy at the time. But when her parents got divorced, she and her sister stayed with their father in his house only on the weekends. And when her father died of a heart fungus when she was 11, she and her family took on a more average way of living. But one thing never changed; the barn, the horses, and the pets. These were animals she was very used to having around.
Their older siblings from her father's last marriage fought over the estate for years even though they rarely ever even visited the place, nor did they even grow up in the house, and practically stole everything from her and her little sister. This always brought her anger and hatred towards her older siblings, and has pretty much disowned them and cut them off from her life since then.

Her father was a renowned missionary (whom also owned a paint shop on the side) and her mother was a stay at home mom when Sheri was little, but when her parents divorced her mom became a dog groomer, and then switched that out to become a real estate agent later on as Sheri grew into her teenage years, which later forced her family to move to Virginia despite the fact that Sheridan did NOT want to go and leave her friends, especially the ones that she grew up with.

She was bullied horribly during elementary and middle school due to odd behaviors that resulted from her autism. (Boys would come up behind her and scream in her ear to make her upset, girls would pick on her for supposedly having no friends, and a few people even played keep-away with her sketchbook on more than one occasion).
She was an honors student all through her childhood. She got straight A's all the way up until High school where the material began to get much more overwhelming, but with the support of her family and help from her case carrier (after getting diagnosed with Autism at 12), she managed as best as she could, and managed to cope better with the work. The lowest grade she had ever gotten was a D in P.E., as she was never really an active kid.
She was always drawing or reading at recess rather than playing with other kids, and her autism was worse when she was a little kid, but had leveled out a lot by the time she got into high school. 

Other Info:
- Her favorite colors include Pink and Black.
- She doesnt really have a favorite type of music. It really depends on the song or artist.
- She has a Teddy Bear named Blue that she's had since she was a little kid. (pictured above)
- She is allergic to Sweet Potatoes.
- She is a proud Christian, though isnt necessarily "die hard" and doesnt really bring it up aside from the occasional "I'll pray for you." or when she thinks she could offer good advice through it.
- She wishes to become a successful cartoonist or an author when she gets older.
- Drawing and listening to music is a way of coping with stress and anxiety as well as a devoted hobby that she is passionate about.
- She secretly has a bit of a dirty mind that she only reveals with her closest, most amazing groups of friends. She often tends to use her british heritage as an excuse, which passes pretty much every time due to the stereotype. But otherwise she is very strict about where she draws the line, and is incredibly stubborn when it comes to her boundaries.
- She tends to pick at her fingers and chew on her lips often due to anxiety, and she tends to get angry and starts pacing and crying and yelling when she's having an anxiety attack, and will start speaking really fast and stuttering.
- She is a night owl, so on the weekends or during vacations she can be seen staying up until unholy hours of the morning just sitting at her desk drawing and going on her laptop and other things.
- Her Dad died from a heart fungus (Heart disease essentially) while in the hospital when she was 11, and is often saddened by it and by the fact she never even got to say goodbye. 
- She is often bullied and picked on in school, though she has learned not to care as much as she used to, and while she usually ignores them, she also tends to be incredibly blunt and is more than willing to tell someone off if they are pushing her buttons (though in this case, she does so intentionally) and has gotten better at standing up for herself in order to make people back off in school.
- She has a terrible crush on Steve, and she adores his mother and sister, but is intimidated, or even scared of his father and tends to get very nervous and anxious when around him. And Roger...that still remains to be seen. But chances are she will only be able to tolerate him for a certain amount of time before she starts crying and having an anxiety attack because of him.
- Her theme song would be "Speaking Japanese" by Shiny Toy Guns.

Sheridan ME

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RAMR199410 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
She looks like to a mix of girl and young woman. I know that you are an Italian-American but I do not know if you are Italian by your father or your mother. I know that you are Christian but I do not know if you are Catholic, Adventist, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopal, Evangelic, Pentecostal, Methodist or Presbyterian. 
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014   Traditional Artist
Why does that matter? Why does it fricking matter whether or not I am italian from my mother or father? And why is that any of your business anyway? Dude just the fact that you are that nosy is creeping me the hell out.
And why do I have to fit into any of those subtypes? I am literally just CHRISTIAN. That is literally IT. T.T
RAMR199410 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Oh, sorry, Sheridan. Sorry for this questions. Really, I read the information but this information can cause some questions for know if this information is true.
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014   Traditional Artist
If you continue to message me in such a way I will have no choice but to block you.
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014   Traditional Artist
Okay let me explain to you how this works...

MOST OC bio's arent that specific unless its necessary. Chances are if I didnt put it, it really just isnt that important and whatever questions you have that are THAT fricking specific are highly unnecessary.
When you ask questions like that to me, it comes off as nosy and EXTREMELY creepy considering that we arent even really friends, as a matter of fact, I have been creeped out by you since the first day I met you because you always ask me questions that are FAR too personal for anyone online to be asking me. I dont know you. I dont interact with you like I do my friends. And it is honestly none of your business to pry at my personal life when we arent even remotely close in any way.
I am sorry if I came off as cross or mean. But you are seriously scaring me and I am honestly terribly confused as to why you'd even ask such questions, because all you're doing when you ask is make me anxious and snervous and I dont wanna feel that way because of a comment. I'm sorry but I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me be.
RociCandyPop Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So, your 2nd name is Irene?
I prefer Sheridan 1000 times better.
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thanks but I was middle-named after my Aunt okay dont disrespect my middle name. T.T
RociCandyPop Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't disrespect it, I like Irene, but I only said that I prefer Sheridan.
RainingPinkSnowballs Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014   Traditional Artist
You didnt need to take it there though. 
Like I know that you'd probably say the same thing about Sheridan, if Irene was my real name and Sheridan was my middle name. Obviously people prefer your first name to your middle one.Otherwise they'd call you by your middle name. 
Sorry if I came off as rude or mean but I'm just saying.
RociCandyPop Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's okay, I understood it.
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