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Welcome to my Gallery! :lol:

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Requests/Suggestions- Friends only! (I also only take suggestions if I ask for them)

Art Trades- CLOSED

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Adoptables- SOON (I may make a separate account for these)



:heart:MY CANONxOC COUPLES:heart:
Xiaolin Showdown: RaimundoxSheridan
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A monster in Paris: FrancouerxSheridan
Homestuck: Eridan AmporaxSheridan Clark
Danny Phantom: DannyxSheridan
Sonic: KnucklesxStarheart, SonicxStarheart

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TMNT: SamsonxRachel (2nd Gen), ArchimedesxAshley
Marvel (aside from Avengers): JetxSheridan
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TMNT: LeonardoxScarlett
DP: DannyxTabby
Other: JarethxAphrodite

:heart:COUPLES I SUPPORT:heart:
Xiaolin Showdown: ChasexWuya, ChasexKimiko, ClayxKimiko, SamanthaxJack, JackxKatnappe
TMNT (2k3): DonxApril (Platonically), AprilxCasey
SWAT Kats: Jake Clawson/RazorxCalico "Callie" Briggs, Jake Clawson/RazorxChris Scratkata/Starlight, Chance Furlong/T-bonexFelina Feral
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Soul Eater: SoulxMaka, CronaxMaka, Death the KiddxMaka, BlackstarxTsubaki, SteinxMedusa, SteinxMarie, Death the KiddxLiz

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Carrie, Chris © :iconcolorsplasharts:
Misty, Michelle © :iconjaxxylupei:
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Random Favourites

I love all the artworks I have saved here. :+favlove: Some of them are for references, inspiration, or just for fun. :aww:


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  • Mood: Anxious
I really dont wanna go on the beach trip this year tbh. I'd much rather spend my last week of summer at home. 
But I gotta go. Why? Well mom made a fabulous effort to guilt me into going bc she KNOWS that if she piles it on, the guilt will get to me and I'll force myself to go along with it.

So this means I've got no other access to the internet other than my phone starting tomorrow. We'll have no electricity without the generator either.
Theres an actual trailer park we could have booked where we could at least get working electricity and we wont have to make a death defying climb down a bunch of boulders to get to the beach but nooooo that would be too easy now wouldnt it?


Another reason I dont wanna go is because I dont even hang out with the other people that we usually take with us anymore. My friends Katie and Enrique havent bothered contacting me since I started homeschooling (when they BOTH have my number so its not like they couldnt have done so), and all summer they were completely absent. 
Dont get me wrong it'll be cool to see them but its like...IDK...its just gonna be really awkward for me.

In any case...chances are I still have to go regardless of that. I'll probably just spend most of my time drawing and reading. The water's too freezing to swim in anyway.

I'm so sorry I sound like such an ungrateful downer pft.
Mom shoulda never taken me to Arizona bc now I hate everything. XD


Sheridan Clark
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey, I'm Sheridan Clark. ^^ Nice to meetcha!
I am 16 years old and my Birthday is on February 13th.
I'm a sweet and socially awkward teenage girl with Aspergers syndrome who's just trying to put her art out for all to see. ^^
I hope to someday make more of my art and eventually apply digital editing to my work. (As soon as I can get a tablet.)
I'm also working towards going to CAL arts for college.

:bulletpink: My favorite art/animation styles include: Disney, PSG, MLP;FiM, Sym-Bionic Titan, & Equestria girls.
:bulletpink: I live with my little sister and my mom. :heart:
:bulletpink: My favorite color is pink. =3
:bulletpink: I am obsessed with drawing. It is my life. :)
:bulletpink: I am terribly addicted to the internet and I love all my friends on here very much. :heart:
:bulletpink: I am a proud Christian. ^^
:bulletpink: I'm the kind of person who you'd say is "In Love with Love". I love romance and the idea of it. :love:
:bulletpink: I hope to become an animator or author/illustrator when I get older.
:bulletpink:Fav movie(s): Phantom of the Opera (2004), Pride and Prejudice (2005), Mulan, Hercules, Pocahontas, Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, TMNT (2007), The Avengers, Iron man 1-3, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Ghostbusters 1-2, The Water Horse, The Last Unicorn, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmerron, Labyrinth, The Neverending story, Little Shop of Horrors, How to Train your Dragon, The Iron Giant, The Devil's Carnival
:bulletpink:Other Shows I Like: NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, House, What I like about you, That 70's show, The Big Bang Theory, George Lopez, The Amanda Show, The Powerpuff Girls, Dude, That's My Ghost!, Veggitales

R.I.P. May 6, 2010
Pop? Tell god hi for me. I love you. :pray:

:bulletpink:MY FANDOMS:bulletpink:
- Xiaolin Showdown
- SWAT Kats
- Biker Mice From Mars
- Team Fortress 2
- A Monster in Paris
- Sym-Bionic Titan
- Marvel (Avengers)
- DC (Young Justice)
- Steven Universe
- Homestuck
- Portal 2
- Danny Phantom
- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Pokemon

- Soul Eater
- Hetalia

:heart:MY CRUSHES:heart:
- Scout (Hit and Run /or/ Shortstop Shooter)
- Raimundo Pedrosa (Sweet&Sour)
- Danny Fenton/Phantom (SilverSapphire)
- Francouer (MutantMelody)
- Thor Odinson (ThunderBeam)
- Tony Stark / Iron Man (EctoIron)
- Steve Rogers /Captain America (American Spirit)
- Eridan Ampora (SheriEri)
- Wheatly (Cotton Candy)
- Scorpion (A Demon's Fate)

Meet my main OC's
:star: Not all of my OC's biographies are listed here. If you wish to take a look at some of my other OC's that arent listed, they are all here (please note that some of the OC's shown are old and still need to be updated):… :star:
Xiaolin Showdown: :bulletpink: Sheridan Clark:
TMNT: :flame: Aphrodite Navalle:
TMNT: :flame: Melany Corinne Ramirez:
SWAT Kats: :wave: Scarlett Haynes/Misty:
SBT: :) Cassandra "Casey" Monroe:
BMFM: :bulletblack: Shade Jacobs:
Marvel: :bulletpink: Sheridan Clark / Silverbeam:
YJ: :kitty: Tabitha May Prett:
DP: :bulletpink: Sheridan Clark / Silverbeam:
StH: :heart: Starheart Forester:


My Youtube:… ( I like literally dont do anything on here except save videos to playlists... ^^;)
My Tumblr:…


:iconcreativitydash: :iconxxmoonlight-1-wishxx: :iconcatloversjt: :iconharuruvi: :iconshadicover90000: :iconapocalyptic-assassin:
(If you wanna see yourself on this list, please notify me and maybe I'll put it into consideration, for these are my closest friends on DA.
If you arent on here but you were previously, it could be for (but not limited to) the following reasons; we've become distant on DA but we speak elsewhere, we simply just are no longer friends, we really arent that close anymore, etc
Just because you are no longer on this list does not automatically mean I hate you or anything like that. Relax.)

RP Buddies :meow:
:iconcreativitydash: :iconcatloversjt: :iconshadicover90000: :iconrachvic:

:iconshenny-shendelier: :iconcoloran: :icon14-bis: :iconbaby-blue-bell: :iconchikorita85: :iconbleedman: :iconchibi-jen-hen: :iconkaya-snapdragon: :iconfernl: :iconilolamai: :iconyamio: :iconwild-hearts: :iconsneefee: :iconjaxxylupei: :iconcolorsplasharts: :icongreatblueskies: :iconhikariangelove: :iconlettelira: :iconcolorgasmfreak: :iconellisarts: :iconpcmaniac88: :iconkamirah: :iconmn27: :icondyb: :iconpotatofarmgirl: :iconluisavfm: :iconsonicrocksmysocks: :icondrawuscloser: :icontrotsworth: :iconjaquelindreamz: :iconfyre-flye: :iconcosmicunicorn: :iconaniutqa: :iconsilverdeni: :iconny-stray: :icontofu93: :icondecemberdoe: :iconthelonecrow: :iconcorrvo: :iconfaithandfreedom: :iconsuccubii: :icontwisted-wind: :iconkuyangkuyang: :iconphation: :iconrika-dono: :iconehetere: :iconfur-kotka: :iconmomo-no-ji: :iconmeago: :iconkinkei: :iconty-chou: :iconmomorawrr: :iconnekomellow: :iconnekoshiba: :iconkitchiki:

:iconthy-darkest-hour: :iconsenshistock: :icondaestock: :iconmalleni-stock: :iconhotnstock: :iconfaestock: :iconravenofthenight: :icongothiclolitawigs: :iconpalucu-stock: :iconyouniquelychic: :iconneko-vi: :iconspiked-stock: :iconimperialstarletstock: :iconpyjama-cake: :icontanit-isis-stock: :iconstockyourselfout: :iconstockhorse: :iconbellemisty: :iconequinestockimagery:
:iconpose-emporium: :icondaposes: :iconstockrus: :iconromancing-the-stock: :iconhorse-stock-heaven:

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